Privacy and Acceptible Use Policies

Privacy Policy

The Weston Community Coalition respects your privacy.

Site Accounts:
The creation of an account on this site is optional and all info posted on this site is available to anonymous users. To create blog entries and comments an account is required and a valid E-mail address is necessary to complete the registration process. Your E-mail address will not appear next to your postings, only your username will show. To preserve your privacy you may want to select a username that does not contain your full name, and you can always change your username in the "My account" section.

E-mail Addresses and Mailing List:
We may use your E-mail address to contact you for site administration and notification messages. It is also used for automated login ID and password reminders. If you choose to sign up for our WCC Mailing List, your E-mail address may occasionally be provided to other non-profit, non-partisan local community groups (e.g., the Weston Historical Society). We will not sell or provide your E-mail address to other organizations under any circumstances.

Use of Cookies:
This web site uses cookies during sessions in which you log in. They are used by the web server software to identify your session. Anonymous access to our site does not require cookies and if you disable them on your computer, you can still access our content.

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Acceptable Use Policy

This is a community web site and creating an account will allow you to post comments, create blog entries, etc. You are expected to abide by our acceptable use policy.

We expect you to focus on issues that are relevant to the mission statement of the Weston Community Coalition.

You cannot post comments that are personally derogatory, racist, sexist, homophobic, profane or otherwise abusive in any way.

Postings must not encourage or condone illegal acts.

Postings may not include advertising.

Postings which do not abide by this policy will be removed and repeat offenders may have their account privileges removed at the discretion of the webmaster.

Suspected violations of this policy should be reported to