Blue 22 Update

Metrolinx Design Charrette

29 May 2009: Metrolinx is planning a Design Charrette on Saturday, May 30, from 12 to 5 pm, at the Weston Park Baptist Church. We have been invited to attend. Metrolinx will use this Design Charrette to get ideas for the design of a pedestrian bridge over the tracks at John Street. Apparently, although the EA is not yet complete, Metrolinx has ruled out the possibility of keeping John Street open. Metrolinx has advised us that this charrette is co-hosted by MP Alan Tonks, MPP Laura Albanese, and Councillor Frances Nunziata, although Ms. Nunziata denies that she agreed to co-host, and is opposed to the road closure.

Strachan Avenue Bridge

Metrolinx Train Update

April 4, 2009: Last Friday residents around the Junction discovered how noisy old technology pile drivers were. GO transit is driving 2100 steel girders into the earth to support the rail-to-rail grade separation there. The noise level at the nearby school is 105 Decibels. The vibrations are shaking nearby houses. GO has offered earplugs and ear muffs to residents who complain.

Air Rail Link Update: Lack of Transparency and Openness at Metrolinx Open Houses

3 March 2008: In the past few weeks, much has happened. Metrolinx has held its open houses. The one in Weston was by far the best attended, with lineups at the door in the evening.

However, we have had to complain to Metrolinx and various politicians over the lack of transparency and openness at these open houses, and in the public statements made by Metrolinx. Metrolinx does not see any problem with any of their consultation, and does not plan to bring clearer and more detailed project plans for further public consultation before the plan is finalized and submitted to the new speedy EA process. Here are some of the contradictions and concerns we have.

Weston Station

Upcoming Events

Please join Mike Sullivan, MP York South-Weston, for a Community Townhall Meeting to discuss the Georgetown-Union Station/Air Rail Link

When: Thursday March 8, 2012, at 6:30 pm
Where: York West Active Living Centre, 1901 Weston Rd.

Please join me on March 8th as I provide a community update and impact on Weston as Metrolinx gears up to officially begin construction on the Air-Rail Link later this year.

Guest Speaker: Jonah Schein, MPP Davenport & Ontario NDP Transportation Critic.

WCC Update for January 2nd, 2009

Dear Supporters,

A lot has happened since we last sent you an update.

First, as we had been advised by our MPP to expect, the provincial government reneged on its promise to study alternatives. The Minister of Transportation has ordered Metrolinx to now carry the Environmental Assessment (EA) for ‘Blue 22’. Metrolinx has advised us that there will be ‘consultation’ with the public, but this EA will be the new, shorter version, with no ability to study alternatives, and no ability to appeal any project which causes harm to the socio-economic fabric of Weston.

Reading of WCC Petition at Queen's Park Now Online

The first installment of our petition was presented to the Legislative Assembly of Ontario on Thursday December 11th, 2008. You can see the video of the reading below (click on "Read more").

The WCC is grateful to Joyce Savoline, MPP (Burlington) and
Cheri DiNovo, MPP (Parkdale--High Park) for presenting our petition.

Mike Sullivan Interviewed on John Downs Show (AM 640)

WCC Chair Mike Sullivan was interviewed on-air by John Downs on December 15th, the day that Metrolinx announced that they were the new proponent of the expansion of GO service on the Georgetown GO Line, including the rail link between Union Station and Pearson. Click on the links below to hear the interview and read the Metrolinx press releases.

Mike Sullivan on the John Downs Show (mp3*)
Project START News Release from Metrolinx

Union-Pearson ARL Saga Continues 11/28/08...To All Who Continue to Care, Give & Share

By Neil Saito - 28 November 2008

I hope everyone is keeping well and in good spirits!

Since a decade or more has passed since the planning for the Pearson-Union ARL has been kicking around, and we have fought so many frustrating battles in the dark, I can’t help but thinking out loud about the bigger picture and how it all began for us.

City of Toronto Releases Strachan Avenue Engineering Study

November 3, 2008 - It has come to our attention that the city of Toronto has taken a position on the air-rail link. Apparently an engineering study was commissioned by the city of the Strachan Avenue crossing. As a result of that study, the city now has a ‘preferred option’ for the reconstruction of that crossing. The city wants to ask GO to lower the rail bed for ALL the tracks so that they are below Strachan Ave., at a significant additional cost. There is no word from the city (we have asked) on whether there has been any study of the 4 crossings in Weston.

Air Rail Link Update - September 2008

Blue 22 has been back in the news this summer. The Weston Community Coalition would like to remind everyone of this enterprise, and what we believe the best solution for Weston and Toronto could be.

The Project