WCC endorses Clean Train Coalition Election Flyer

As the next provincial election is quickly approaching on October 6th, the WCC is clear, as it has been for over 6.5 years, that electrification of the Air Rail Link is the only acceptable option. We have attempted to work with every elected official to facilitate this project being built right the first time. Since 2007's fall election we have relied on our MPP, Laura Albanese, to raise her voice in the Legislature as MPP Kevin Flynn from Oakville has for his community. She has not except in a perfunctory way. Where MPP Flynn was successful in stopping a controversial and harmful project that his constituency did not want built in their community, Ms. Albanese has not been. Their reason were sound, like ours, but we have not had the success that Oakville had. We have continued for the past 4 years to ask why this government, her government through Metrolinx, has mislead the public about electrifying the corridor, why they bought the diesel trains for the ARL even before the electrification report was finalized and why with all the evidence that diesel trains, even Tier 4, are bad for one's health, they have persisted on this path.

Since 2009, the WCC has partnered with the Clean Train Coalition to raise awareness and fight the Province's decision to continue building this new infrastructure using diesel technology. As it was the wrong decision in 2005 when we organized, it is still the wrong decision now. We, along with other residents along the Georgetown Corridor, are still fighting to get this built right the first time. Our children should not have to suffer for years to come from breathing diesel fumes and our seniors should not have to deal with worsening illnesses from breathing in toxins.

We urge all residents, both living near the corridor and even further out, to look at the issue, look at the evidence regarding diesel and look at the record of our current MPP and other MPPs along the corridor. Ms. Albanese has taken credit for work done before she was elected, work done by the residents. Even work done by Paul Ferreira for the short period that he was our MPP between Feb and Nov 2007 after winning the by-election. She claimed shortly after being elected that the ARL 'was dead', - it clearly is not dead but very much alive. We are upset by Ms. Albanese's lack of effort on our behalf on this issue, particularly in the past 2 years since we partnered with other communities and her taking credit for the work done by the WCC, outlined in her election flyer. She may have supported our concerns but her voice has certainly not been heard by the Premier. Is that we want in our elected officials? We have been thrown under the wheels of these fast moving trains all because of a 2 week sporting event. Our communities deserve better - better public transit, better infrastructure and a better advocate for us at Queen's Park.

Please see the Clean Train Coalition's appeal attached. Ask questions and vote accordingly... thank you from your Co-Chairs

September 23 addendum:

Dear Friends in York South-Weston:
On Wednesday night, there was to be an election debate at the HUB on Jane Street at 7pm. Alas, some candidates did not show up! So with the permission of the author of this letter below, please be advised that only Paul Ferreira made the effort to come, debate his opponents and meet the constituents. You decide who you want to represent you.

Dear Madam (refers to the hostess of the evening),
As a local resident I arranged to attend the advertised All Candidate meeting Sept 21st at "The Hub" that was to be held this evening .

I was very disappointed that only the NDP Candidate showed up. I was even more disappointed that he was not allowed to speak or even answer questions. Since when does being "Non Partisan" reward the bad behaviour of the candidates who did not show up and penalize the one who did? This behaviour of the other candidates was rude and direspectful of the voters who came but to enable this poor behaviour by not allowing the only candidate who did turn out was unbelievable.

Your representative who spoke to some of us outside after we walked out tried to explain your position. I understand it was a difficult decision but I beg you to review it for future situations as I believe you made the wrong choice by cancelling the event. The missing candidates should have sent a representative to speak on their behalf or given that they were invited in July they had lots of time to either be there or announce they would not. Also your web site continued to say it was on even after you knew at least 24 hour ahead that it had been cancelled. Another mistake I guess. To replace this meeting with a talk on "how to vote" may be useful for many who were present but I've been voting since 1960 when I turned 21 (which was voting age back then) and I don't need a talk on how to vote.
Please re-think your response should this occur again.

Colleen Dodds

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