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Sent on March 22, 2012 to Ms. Albanese, MPP York South-Weston:

March 21, 2012

Laura Albanese MPP
Ministry of Labour
400 University Avenue, 14th Floor
Toronto, ON, ON M7A 1T7

Dear Ms. Albanese:

Since 2003, the Provincial Liberal Government has pushed for an Air Rail Link for Toronto. This is supposed to make us ‘world class’. The community of Weston and later many other communities along the Georgetown Corridor, pushed for this link to be built using current world class technology, specifically electric trains, instead of the diesel chosen by your government. That would make us world class. And, if you remember, we won the legal right to a full EA back in 2006 meaning that all routes and types of trains including electric would be studied as well as building nothing. But that is not what happened and since the province has changed the rules for transportation EA's in 2007, it has effectively negated what this community fought for and won the right to. Are we just second-class citizens in a world class city?

In the current EA that Metrolinx/GO submitted for the project, it was stated that the GO expansion needed to have 4 tracks for the full expansion and that the ARL would be able to use the tracks as well. We are now told that only 3 tracks will be installed and that the ARL requires 2 of them. And because of that, no full day GO expansion can happen until another $400 million is spent to upgrade the under pass below the 401 - this is not what the communities along the Georgetown Corridor were promised by your government and Metrolinx. And with the long delays in getting electrification started along with major disruptions to the community, many feel that your government does not care about the residents who are affected, the issue of electrification and the ensuing health issues from breathing the toxic fumes from 140 diesel trains daily. We do not begrudge the efforts being made by Metrolinx to keep us informed and to consult with us on the Master Station Plan and the new bridges -- we want to make this perfectly clear. But we are not getting what we were told. Once again, it makes us wonder what else will be summarily changed without consultation or thought. Again, are we second-class citizens? In a transit-starved city, we deserve better. Where is the legacy from this?

As our MPP, who has always stated she is looking out for the best interests of her communities along the corridor, can you please find out who is responsible for the change in plan and why it has been changed? We were told this is what was happening and now it is not. The communities should not be subjected to another 3 years of construction only to find they don't have anything to show for it from a public transportation perspective. If most residents cannot afford the ARL or cannot get to it and also will not have more GO trains running, then everything else is just window dressing. The province seems to be changing its mind on this project every few years – why? Or is it a make-work project that is to be done on the backs of the taxpayers and more specifically, on the backs of those who live in this Corridor? Where is the legacy?

Your government is playing fast and loose with taxpayer money. The ARL is just another project that seems to be morphing into a money pit with no real lasting results for the communities it will run through. We are told there is no money for electrification but there seems to be endless money for canceling projects or gross mistakes - the Oakville power plant reversal, the Mississauga Power Plant situation, the Ornge fraud and the E-health situation. In fact, the Oakville community made it very clear to their MPP, Kevin Flynn, that he would lose his seat if he did not 'fix' the situation. Obviously, he listened to the voices in his community and did the right thing. Same with the MPPs from South Etobicoke/Mississauga and Guildwood. Why have you not advocated on behalf of your constituents as your colleagues have for theirs? They got results where we see few or none.

Now is the time to find the answers for the community who voted for you and to do the right thing by them. We deserve nothing less.


Carlo Ammendolia
Suri Weinberg-Linsky
Co-Chairs, Weston Community Coalition

cc: Premier Dalton McGuinty & MPPs
Robert Pritchard, Chair Metrolinx Board
Bruce McCuaig, President & CEO Metrolinx
Metrolinx Board of Directors
Gary McNeil, President, GO Transit
Judy Knight, President, Air Rail Link
Prime Minister Stephen Harper
Mike Sullivan MP York South-Weston
Mayor Rob Ford
Councillor Frances Nunziata

Politician Communication

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